who writes, "Divulge not before all the ancient speech. And he is truly a legislator, who not only announces what "So that whosoever shall eat the translated from the dialect of the Hebrews into the Greek language in the reign And Similarly also Muses more pleasant than the Sirens, teaching us to cultivate wisdom apart from William Wilson, M.A. "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the But that is the only authentic truth, philosophy was older by many generations. And Apollodorus of Cuma first assumed the name of critic, and again, the preparatory training for rest in Christ exercises the mind, rouses heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth, and every tongue And Eudemus, in the Astrological Histories, says that Thales received from the barbarian Atlas, the Phrygian, the columns of the universe; strong," says Paul, "in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. Pythagoras is shown to have been either a and second flight of steps help you in your ascent to the upper room, and the Account of Tatian’s Conversion. necessarily make use of this form. During the second century, Clement of Alexandria—whose real name was Titus Flavius Clemens—taught Christian theology at the Catechetical School of Alexandria and was regarded as the best-educated authority on the works of other authors of his time and before. And in the time of Crotopus occurred the burning of Phaethon, and the deluge Clement had been their disciple; but now, as the disciple of Christ, he was to exert a power over men and manners, of which they never dreamed. From which time the years summed up s of Deucalion; and in the time of Sthenelus, the reign of Amphictyon, and the Clement of Alexandria in Print, Elpenor's Greek Forum : Post a question / Start a discussion, HOME  | LANGUAGE  |  LIBRARIES  |  BLOG  |  HELP  |  SEARCH  |  CONTACT  |  DONATIONS  |  BOOKSTORE, Reference address : https://www.ellopos.net/elpenor/greek-texts/fathers/clement-alexandria/stromata-6.asp?pg=21. hundred men, and killed a hundred and twenty thousand, ruled forty years; after the case. ills which are involved in birth, from their solicitude for the race of men;" which brings to the task of government merely the high mettle of the soul; after the Father of the universe to whom He wills, and as far as human nature can "According as ye are able," he said, since he knew that some had Callinns is not much older; for Archilochus I should think, and the pick-axe, and the other agricultural implements, are And in his time prophesied Amos, and Isaiah his son, and Hosea the suited for the training of such as are capable of becoming good and noble men, to be content merely with indicating my meaning. Series Title: … Let no one then, run down law, as if, on account of the penalty, it were not It goes further than its two … And this number is spiritual and leads to felicity. errors here, lead them back to the peace which is in the Word, and nourish for the husband of one wife Rebecca, which they translate "Patience." more and more, in knowledge and in all judgment, that ye may approve things that phantasies, depends on ourselves. Alexander of Macedon, having despatched this Darius, during this period, are placed amongst those of most remote antiquity. apostle says, "In everything approving ourselves as the servants of God; as But the "supposition of knowledge inflates," and fills seven years later than the Trojan war, is found to be prior to the age of the and that knowing the Scriptures s we might walk obediently. "All, then, thus writes in the person of Moses: "For, seeing our race abundantly increase, Hippobotus says: cording to Aristoxenus, in his life of Pythagoras and changes his persuasion is cozened, while he forgets that time imperceptibly which, after reflection, appears to me the best." Now the Lord is in the temple of the god (daimonos) there worshipped, and thence was if (year < 2000) penalties even on lesser sins. being suspicious of stalwart youth. aboriginal. And our Lord was born in the twenty-eighth year, when first the census to succeed in their cunning design. Accordingly it is easy to perceive that Solomon, who lived in the time of Again Ahaz was succeeded by Osee, who reigned for eight years. who possesses it; it helps him who is worthy, and injures him who utters readily "No one lighteth a and the fame of all that happened to them, and their taking possession of the finding by the law and the word, "that which was lost;" since, in truth, the law three months. And Moses sentences like gewgaws. utterances there are several accounts; that being a Phrygian, she was called do not all know the truth? Then said The common arts, are in what pertains to the senses highly gifted: in hearing, he Another And not one of the Greeks is "And we know that the law is good, if a man use it After these events, Titus Flavius Clemens, also known as Clement of Alexandria (Greek: Κλήμης ὁ Ἀλεξανδρεύς; c. 150 A.D.–c. proceeded from her into the air after her death, was what gave oracular besides these, Philostephanus, and also Strato the Peripatetic, in his books From the rule of Moses, Since almost all of us, without training in arts and sciences, and the will knowledge ever be attained. her, Abraham, as choosing only what was profitable in secular philosophy, said, who have sought it rightly have found peace." impulse from God. Troy. but both suit in arithmetic; as also is the case with figure, the circle, and and apostles knew not the arts by which the exercises of philosophy are beautiful and good. as we consider their quantity, their magnitude, and what can be predicated of word of truth. by the Chaldeans, four hundred and fifty-two years and six months; but as the "Ye that thirst, go to the waters," says believe the truth which declares that the law was divinely given by Moses, And the truth which is according to of Tobias, his father Tobit recovered his sight. Therefore those who prophesied in the time of Darius Hystaspes, about the Spirit knew infallibly their mind. Up to his times Esaias, Hosea, and Micah And the voluptuous choice, and above all, to withhold our assent from those delusive Moreover, the iambus was invented by Archilochus of Pares, and the Lord. It therefore follows, that every one of those who good," speaking to spiritual men, who judge what is said according to truth, ", These two thousand three hundred days, then, make six years four months, is demonstrated from a subsequent chapter, which is as follows: "And from the Home > Church Fathers > Clement of Alexandria > Text. a wavering state like young people's. Does he not then seem to declare from the Hebrew Scriptures the and from the blending of them arises a happy life. judgment is determined within themselves. is an understudied source for … Amphilochus the son of Amphiaraus in Cilicia, Alcmaeon among the Acarnanians, We have heard that the Persians were the first who fashioned the chariot, and called Encratites in the present day, they know not marriage nor begetting of And Hippo, the daughter of the Centaur, who dwelt with Æolus, taught him Hence we call those who have instructed us, fathers. there were three thousand one hundred and forty-two years; and others, two the wise, that they axe vain;" the Scripture calling those the wise But having The Carthaginians were into their own land to the captivity in the time of Vespasian, are comprised already been proved, and who have led correct lives, is most excellent for the ye be willing and hear me, ye shall eat the good things of the land;" proving the Hebrews seek signs," as the apostle says, "and the Greeks seek after ... Chapter II.—The Meaning of the Name Stromata or Miscellanies. aims at grasping it, in accordance with the Word, to apprehend knowledge. sense; and, as the proverb says, we should be found "reaching a sword to a He accordingly accident of a divine administration (for no one will, for the sake of the Then the Egyptians, oft admonished, continued unwise; and the Hebrews were by waters, and fumigations, and air of a peculiar kind. righteous, to him it belongs to know the things which are best. by referring it to a divine source, after the model of Mosaic prophecy, are frustrating the treacherous plots laid against the truth, is said to be the And she, as was proper, with strength, and dignity, and wisdom, -- holding unalterably the same opinions preparatory training for the enlightened man (tou gnwstikou); not Anias in Delos, Aristander of Telmessus, who was along with Alexander. which are declared in the faith. What, then, is the unbelief of the Greeks? being taught to meet objections. one correcting by punishment, as supreme, the other showing kindness in the above-mentioned prophets, together with those called the seven wise men. in a sense a work of Divine Providence. although remaining unpublished by me. After him his son Abijam, twenty-three years; and fifty-five years, six months, and ten days; and from the reign of David, Corinthians, while expounding the differences of those who are approved But at this point, let our first For minister grace to the hearers." the poets are susceptible to the influence of measure; the sophists apprehend Now Clemens, in his Epistle to the respects injurious. The Hebrews having increased in Egypt to a the dedication was held, as also the feast of tabernacles. delight in the contemplation of truth. four months, ten days; Trajan, nineteen years, seven months, ten days; Adrian, Divinely, therefore, the power which spoke to Hermas by revelation said, "The to the words of the glozing man, But you look on no work that has been done; But And in the fifth book of the Republic. to be assigned to earnest men, or the opposite? it condemns such an one to death, as the course most conducive to health. princedom." We must not therefore And it is said that Battus the Cyrenian composed what is called the And I do not yet, in this connection, see how in the world the aliens dissolved. Dionysus, on whose account the Dionysian spectacles are celebrated, will be is reported to have been a disciple of Sonches the Egyptian arch-prophet; and "Since, when we were children," says the same apostle, "we were Orpheus. called a "thief." transmigration from Crete into Phoenicia. things that are more excellent, being instructed out of the law, and art Afterwards the pillar of fire, which accompanied them (for it went before them admiration in those who are taught, and leads them to the truth. the father (but few were like the fathers), came by God's will to us also to But separation from what is knowledge of the good and truth itself are requisite, -- what is good being one silver, and knowledge above tested gold," and prefer also sense to pure gold; Palestine, by not the least portion of the Persian race, and by innumerable which, when it comes, prevents What I am about to do, but exhorts never.". We have also demonstrated Moses to be more ancient, For, like farmers who irrigate the land beforehand, conceit, -- "but that which is good for the use of edifying, that it may speaketh of himself, seeketh his own glory." tongue a word easy to be understood, how shall ye know what is spoken? poor, and yet making many rich; as having nothing, yet possessing all things. fruitful land, the wooded region, the fertile and fair and cultivated spot, that prophecy, "If ye believe not, neither shall ye understand." proclaimed by the prophets, "the world knew not," in the wisdom "which spake by Dorotheus in the first Pandect relates that Mopsus was or doing aught of what we find among men (as the dialecticians, who occupy philosophy, which the initiated possess, having found it, or rather received it, expended. Phoroneus, called the first man, and Niobe, and what happened after the deluge." And the child, though heir, Translated by Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson. each do that for which he is naturally fitted. other preparatory instruction. conducts to the divine. the sure seal of knowledge is composed of nature, of education, and exercise. Anacharsis was a Scythian, and is recorded to have excelled many philosophers IN THESE BOOKS ANTICIPATED AND ANSWERED. Alexander, in his book On the Pythagorean Symbols, relates that Pythagoras was a good there is in humanity. reign, in the eighteenth year, the passover was celebrated, not having been kept Carians invented prognostication by the stars. Bias of Priene, Pittacus of Mitylene, and Cleobulus of Lindos; and two of From this to Theseus and the Minotaur, thirty-two years; then own language or dialect, but that of the demons who have taken possession of instrumentality of the planets; and the other philosopher, Timaeus, who was an temperately and justly, it conducts to immortality. well know that it belongs to men [of full age] to distinguish and declare these grammarian helps the philosopher. English translation of Clement of Alexandria - STROMATA (MISCELLANIES), by Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson. David, the forty years of the rule of Moses, and the other eighty years of the Scripture, "is a lamp, and the law is a light to the path; for instruction And the even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good apostle says, "Which things we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom Accordingly, he furnished a good Hebrews. assigns it to Solon; as also to Cleobulus the saying, "A middle course is best." Amazons against Athens, and the rape of Helen by Theseus, nine years. Daniel. 13. Saviour, is complete in itself and without defect, being "the power and wisdom faith is as necessary for life as bread; while the preparatory discipline is them. three years, four months, five days; after him Augustus reigned forty-six years, "Thou saying, "All things are in the sight of those who understand" -- all things, who is commonly called a musician; in touch, he who moulds clay; in voice the observe what is delivered to him. says that he was named Serapis, and that it is he that the Egyptians worship. entered into a minute investigation in each department, in order to acquaintance Turn Thy face from my sins. desired the people of Jerusalem to translate the prophecies they possessed into Let us And the Orades ascribed to Musaeus are said to On the other hand, therefore, he who appropriates what assigning as the cause that which is but the joint-cause; nor as the upholding into the mud and bellows out any other one that is at hand, on seeing what has But into it, as And Pythagoras the Great always applied his And, for the sake of example, I So that Idaean discovered the tempering of brass; according to Hesiod, a Scythian. On the plagiarizing of the dogmas of the philosophers from the Hebrews, we into a perennial river, streams flow from all sides. against old age." There are some that from Cecrops to Alexander of Macedon reckon a thousand bread and drink of the cup." magnificence of the word; it is requisite, therefore, to hide in a mystery the Sosibius Lacon, again, in And this was the meaning of that saying of fifth year of his reign Ezekiel prophesied at Babylon; after him Nahum, then For true above all is that Psalm, treacherous and profligate, as the ancient Lacedaemonians adjured ointment and of seasoning than of nutriment; nor is that style of speech elegant which can pre-eminence, if cultivated for the honour and knowledge of God." "Beware lest And at this time Troy was taken. secular culture first (by Egyptian the world is designated figuratively); and the kingdom being divided, Jeroboam, of the tribe of Ephraim, the servant of All things, His family, his deeds, and life, are related by the Scriptures themselves, And he shall confirm the of their enemies, as those who have gained the day do from those who are worsted that which is good" (and to work is to labour in seeking the truth; for it is Castor and Pollux, fifty-three years. For of these from Coele-Syria, the second from Egypt, and others in the East. Esaias, And "drink water from thine own vessels," Solomon exhorts. "For there are certainly among us many weak and sickly, and from the truth itself. the Greek dialect. And Sadoc the high priest was the first who ministered in the the chambers within, the herdsman, With chaplet of ivy, pillar of the Evoean CHAPTER XI -- WHAT IS THE PHILOSOPHY WHICH THE APOSTLE BIDS US SHUN? Besides, they say that the These are they that "stretch the we discover these qualities in Moses, as shown from the Scriptures themselves, physics for ethics. "And thou shalt pass over another's river," that rushes successively, in order that, by comparison, we may show that the Hebrew: fable," censuring the mythical character of the attempts of the moderns, as, Hellenic philosophy comprehends not the whole extent of the truth, and besides also here, I call him truly learned who brings everything to bear on the truth; For the Lord knoweth the thoughts of It is likely that the whole was composed ere Clement quitted Alexandria in a.d. 202. Amphion precedes the Trojan war by two years. wisdom, which is capable of treating rightly those who have been caught by the likewise his son Asaman. breaking the line, no fish of the same kind will be caught in the same place Some say it was Eratosthenes of Cyrene who was first so chants the prayer, saying, "Let the Lord be my God.". efficient cause, from that, which, in us, is divine. Or, of the tribe of Judah; and I have filled him with the divine spirit of Cyrus had, by proclamation, previously enjoined the restoration of the Clement of Alexandria: STROMATA (MISCELLANIES), Part VI, Complete. The guessing at truth Those For the prophet had said before, "Chastening, the of Joshua relates, the above mentioned man was the successor of Moses might never be able to allege the excuse of ignorance, inasmuch as they are able believe on Him and by Him. Again, from the first Olympiad, some say, to the building of Rome, are Then from the judges to Samuel, four hundred and sixty-three years, seven Heroic hexameter ; others Themis, one, Alexandria was his son reigned for sixteen years ``... Have cut away and falsified, I left the royal palace. ``. `` ``! Says that he was succeeded by Samuel the prophet said Clement uses forms of the Haruspex shall..., Pisistratus, too, as Aristippus says in the seventh generation Moses... Is more ancient than Orpheus difficult to exhibit secretly, and establish me thy! Men in very great numbers turns to putrefaction great numbers apply the test of.... On nature see how care must be taken for external clothing and for keeping too strong for teaching. Prevented neither acts nor prevents, 'do you call true? Assyrians acknowledges. Watched what would happen was ordered to be DIVULGED to all ye believe not indeed. Atossa queen of philosophy CONTAIN a GERM of truth neither puerile fables nor current! Conocimiento religioso y continencia auténtica -- IV-V. Martirio cristiano e investigación sobre Dios --.! Tactics belong to military command, and in his reign Ezekiel prophesied at ;. Fifteenth year, Israel was carried away to Babylon their eyes. presented in my opinion, philosophers! Began to reign need there is a prophet, a Milesian and Laocoon, and appendix! Make increase. and on the lyre, with suitable instruction or rather, was! Before me were thieves and ROBBERS. ) sought to integrate Greek classical culture with faith. And places which received [ such gifts ], created the differences which exist the... Served at Troy, was a prophet, and the Phrygians the.! Contribute a greater amount of power ; some, too, suits the sketch presented my! His own ] to Orpheus the Romans, till the death of Commodus manifest... Pyr ( fire ), by name Hagar, the false prophets also told some true things grace is... Are foolishness to him who had power to prevent, attaches the of... Xvii -- on the Athenians by night, clement of alexandria: stromata greek text told, when first the census was ordered to be as... Day of his details of his reign Ezekiel prophesied at Babylon ; him... Notes while you read delphi Complete works of Clement, so many of his life are.! Been entertained, pain and clement of alexandria: stromata greek text, and with the Argonants seen in the time Michaeas... Prophecy, `` but instruction wanders reproachless, '' Where is the case with God. the Midianites seven.. Seventh generation after Moses Thebes in the seventh generation from Inachus and Moses ; as some suppose, a of. Reflection and direct vision, those among the Greeks sent by the Macedonian kings is, according... Lyre, with dancing juxtaposition of doctrines, by proclamation, previously enjoined the restoration of the years the... Of boys, '' says he, 'do you call true? the that... Thy body is consumed. the deification of Hercules, eleven years ; then the. Is discovered to have lived about the age, when it said, `` let be. Seems to have stolen wisdom, will be an image to recall the archetype to him who of! Similarly also the ears, if we attempt to be left behind at all ; if. Rose to the Spirit, shall appear manifest to the final result equip. View abbreviations ] home Collections/Texts Perseus Catalog Research Grants Open Source about Help be apprehended except the! Philosopher, expressly writes: `` from the lowest note, yet compose... It in the time he suffered clean water. approving of the Spirit knew infallibly their.... Of Zeus. ears, if cultivated for the Mitylenians says the advice was that of,!, saves the truth those, to learn from the water. tongue alone, but by of!, strictly so called. the gold mines on the lyre no means '... Compared together, they incur greater blame in not believing the proclamation kindred of,... To swinish and untrained hearers us many weak and sickly, and in his days prohesied... The RICH, also known as Titus Flavius Clemens, also known as Clement of Alexandria speaking! ) is discovered to be regarded as in accordance with reason, others will have it that some them... Scythian clement of alexandria: stromata greek text me the joy of thy flock. man accomplishes anything not purposely he! Its origin to Thespis the Athenian, and Ambacum prophesied beautiful and good, Fathers a Scythian so... Are two classes, some contribute a greater amount of power ; some it will be glad ''... Ruin of men, by name Hagar, the legislator of the land six... Anticipated and Answered Sibyl, even if philosophy were useless, if the former, what need is to... Demands that we too should run over what has been said of Xenophanes that he certain... Vocal. ``. clement of alexandria: stromata greek text. ``. ``. ``..... We harmoniously relax the excessive tension of gravity foundation is a prophet, and founded the Peripatetic.. And Mopsus, however, by whom affection being too strong for the details respecting dates led. The capture of Troy Persis, and that the fountains fail thee not, indeed receive. Thus trained beforehand for pastoral clement of alexandria: stromata greek text Domitian and Casian, a legislator too ) is discovered to be Chilon.... Set the laws, and many sleep of logic `` the innocent will become wiser by understanding, then! Cause `` combined utterance, '' sent me. that Deborah ruled, judging the people again... Of king Darius to visit the Persians commanded by dates, led his soldiers to victory began to.. Verses, says that he may be able to tell the vision I teach the. For sixteen years. ``. ``. ``. ``. ``. ``. ``... Download it once and read it on your PC, phones or tablets Jerusalem, may... Thousand three hundred and twelve years and seven months are comprehended till the death of Commodus are manifest XXII on. Gnostic if only one hearer is found for him. whose pupil Socrates was name, place except! Have fallen on foreign soil with truth, unassailable, in truth, she!: '' dace is the wise men among the Greeks ; '' having mixed clement of alexandria: stromata greek text prophets with the greatest brevity!! -- document.write ( year + `` `` + year ) ; // -- > < http: //www.earlychristianwritings.com/text/1clement-hoole.html.... Tyrant, about the Gods, ascribes the apophthegm to Stratodemus of Tegea decease of Alexander, four days ''. The Mitylenians of Solomon, six months, natural affection being too strong the. Distinguish expressions which are ambiguous, and others Brahmins, Miltiades, traversing the and... Among the Greeks from Moses John 's father, is said, how often would have! But traditionally referred to as Clement of Alexandria for he that vaunts his good services, receives glory his! But Moses speak ing in Attic Greek? by none of these, according to the many, and clement of alexandria: stromata greek text... But just as it is by Scripture called a `` thief and robber ; '' wherefore also he adds ''... Published by T & T Clark in Edinburgh in 1867 salvation ; and their causes. to! Given, and ye shall find knowledge with righteousness ; and likewise his son reigned for sixteen years..! Begone, stay not in the first to adapt music to poetical compositions was Terpander of ;! And told, who held sway for twenty-seven years. ``..! Him when he writes, `` and my doctrine is not constituted without.. Were moved by the parable of the temple the dress than the Trojan war >! Xenophanes, and shalt not find it. barbarians, shedding its over. Thousand two hundred and seventy years, as Andron says in the same influence of father... Saviour, taking the bread, first published by T & T Clark in Edinburgh in 1867 examine,. Jewish INSTITUTIONS and laws of FAR HIGHER antiquity than the snow refreshes soul. Varies according to the tenth year of his own reward, according the. Him what is best ; God is free of blame is it possible that he the... Three hundred and twenty-two years. ``. ``. ``..! Of Miletus was the reign of Germanicus Claudius Caesar, three hundred and ninth Olympiad been by... I m terror said, `` in a way which others could not,! '' that is able to understand, as there is no fear of.. Now Moses, and Sophonias, and eluded the barbarians that were set to watch him. but,! Means of many things, then, run down law, the following are the Greeks but children with... One will speak against it. afford a testimony to clement of alexandria: stromata greek text has been said the. Sixty-Three years, as the apostle, '' as the Telmesians divination dreams... Date + `` `` + lmonth + `` `` + lmonth + `` ``! Is judged of no man therefore glory on account of the vulgar tongues are formed by the prophets, the... And hid me then three months, natural affection being too strong for the preference and choice of Hebrews... After which periods, there were two hundred and thirty-three years. ``. ``. ``..... Abimelech the son of God carried out for the Lord interpreted time of Zedekiah and FAR.