We thought threw how to create most professional snapshot with being still entertaining for casual players. Share: Way of the Witcher is here. Gwent is special. It's still good, but it isn't dominate-the-game good, which means now is a great time to get into the game. You’ll have a chance to win Round 1, you’ll have to Bleed Round 2, and then enter Round 3 with Heatwave in hand. Phillipa can reset opponent board sometimes and rescue you if your opponent sets up too many engines. Congregate is also in difficult position, because it provides nice bodies for revenants to kill. Click on the links in each header to find an example deck from the official Gwent website. With your deck being short, opponent’s Kolgrim will make few points. This matchup is rough. However, if you win r1, you don’t have good options for pushing r2, so even though you’re favored in r3, your opponent is still capable of grabbing a win. Blue coin can be helpful to win round 1 and go long round 3, but on red coin you can consider generating carryover with Vesemir and Erland and go to round 2 when Cerys will have to bleed us. As Movement is popular in the Meta, you’ll have to work to avoid situations where your own card’s Movement can be used against you – or where Moving your opponent’s cards might inadvertently give away points. Also setting up a warrior in your graveyard with the help of Amnesty allows you to use Invocation on Harald and using Joachim/Roderick to pull it out of your deck for a huge pointslam. New engines movement decks are a much easier opponent, because you have powerful control tools and they may have problems dealing with your revenants. You can play Ozzrel, Auberon, or double Koshchey for a large number of points. As a reference, it took me about 30 hours of gameplay to craft a top meta deck (back in mid-september 2020, when I started) which was an overwhelming hunger monster deck (devotion one). These represent big carryover, which should give us an easy win later.

A few notable changes were nerfs to a number of scenarios, which was offset by the rework to Bomb Heaver, who previously destroyed artifacts. 1 month ago. There are 3 main NR decks right now. The algorithm takes into account, archetypes, and cards being played on particular ranks, predicted win-rate for archetypes and cards, the number of games etc. Gwent is a card game from the Witcher universe that became a playable game mode in Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.The game became so popular, that CD Projekt Red actually developed a standalone card game, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, which was finally released on mobile earlier this year. Example: A meta deck, a meta card. We create unofficial Gwent community events and tools. You do a little direct damage here, and a little there, and before you or your opponent know it, your Greatsword is a heavily-boosted tiny titan that's tearing through everything in front of him. A long bleed will make your third-round hand better and your opponent’s deck worse. 1.) After the substantial nerf to Luiza, most players ended up cutting the Luiza-Savolla combo, which hurts your short round potential. Although Leader Ability and selection of Golds will vary on the Ladder, Gezras of Leyda appears to currently be a must-have. If and when the meta demands it, an extra unconditional tall removal option can be worth more than Portal. Play Helge cautiously, minding your opponent’s removal. Hirdetés. December 15, 2020 comments (44) GWENT World Masters champion is crowned! A short Round 2 is recommended as Units like Gezras of Leyda and Gaetan reap the greatest advantage from long Rounds. The inclusion of Snowdrop in this version, though not strictly required by the deck’s gameplan, ensures its consistency and enables an excellent pointslam in conjunction with Morvran Voorhis. If you win R1 you must bleed if you don’t have Viy in hand. With most decks lacking enough control tools to stop the revenant swarm, the deck is pretty powerful at the moment. You’ll want to play 5-7 cards in Round 3, but you can lose a card advantage easily. Even though the Lippy/Cerys combo deck has existed in various forms, seemingly forever, and has always been competitive over that span, Gwent’s developers reckoned it could use a buff this patch. Gwent Meta Raporu : Eylül 2020. quendan Gwent Meta Raporu : Eylül 2020 için bir yorum yapın . Thanks to CD Projekt Red for the support. Make sure all three members of the witcher trio are in your deck so they can all be buffed by Erland. Lean on your other bronze engines as well to generate maximum value with minimum commitment. Ideally you want to save him for r3, but it’s extremely important to win r1 in this matchup so don’t be afraid to commit him. If you draw correctly try to use your bronze consume units in R1, scenario in R2 to bleed and your leader ability in R3. Lippy is now one of more popular decks on the ladder with new Witcher cards bringing it back to life. Gwent Team Duello Meta Analizi podcast (Aralık 2020) - YouTube Though Arnjolf decks similar to those popular last season are still around to some degree, your most common Skellige matchup will be Ursine Ritual. Play engines like Griffin witchers adept, then you can start spamming witchers from Keldar and transform witcher students to Griffin Adepts. Competitive Gwent players refer to the "meta" a lot. The Syndicate's underworld dealings generate Coins for you, which then activate Hoard passives like those found on Saul de Navarette and Passiflora Peaches. Click on the name of the archetype in each tier to expand more details about the deck. Witcher swarm is much easier to deal with, but beware Yrden. In each case you want to bleed opponent. However, in the long round you have access to Ivar and Poisons, which can generate massive value alongside your engines. Watch out for Jacques and you should win So if you are lucky enough to pull a Legendary as your fifth card, you’ll immediately be able to choose between three of them instead of randomly being assigned one which allows for more chances of getting the card you want. Declarations of Interest. Heatwave is a good answer to Haunt. Don’t be afraid to commit valuable golds like Falibor and Curse of Corruption to secure the round. Decks that can easily remove Tall Units or use your own cards/Synergy against you. Share: Season of the Wild Hunt has begun. Protect it with Ffion, and get extra greedy with Letho. Expansion after expansion, Masquerade Ball stays in the meta, but there is good reason for this. The matchup should be favoured for you in a long round. NR witchers. Play an Elf, get boosted; play a Dwarf, get boosted; use Water of Brokilon to summon two Dryads, get boosted again. Best Decks in Gwent – May 2020 Meta. Make sure to keep a Tourney Joust in your hand for the enemy Helge, as Joust deals with it quite handily. Obviously sometimes you are forced to change your strategy. Watch out because you have only 2 aristocrats (and one additional from Coup de Grace). While this deck is quite versatile, Call of the Forest and Geralt: Quen are extremely valuable in terms of accessing cards like Gezras of Leyda, Brehen, and Gaetan. Magyar E-sport Fesztivál - FIFA PS4 - JORDANBEAST15 vs CHRIS_MAJ. Scenario gets you also a nice control tool for R3. In every matchup you want to win R1, and you can spend your tutors because they generate more and more carryover. Bleed or not? There is Kolgrim, various control ball versions and assimilate (who may also be playing with scenario). in a short R3 hasn’t been possible since Homecoming, until now. Thomas has been writing about video games in one capacity or another since 2002. Another addition, Snowdrop, will increase your chances to Draw necessary cards and Boosts itself by 2 whenever you draw. Start; Gwent; Meta; Meta snapshot. Bonus points if you are able to Amnesty a Greatsword. However, if you are able to preserve Harald and Hemdall for Round 3 they can combine to get a lot of points hence it is definitely a winnable matchup. Gezras of Leyda, Brehen, and Gaetan will be your keys for success – setting up and protecting Dol Blathanna Sentry early in the round will contribute to this (remember, Miner is best used on Figgis Merluzzo to avoid removal). You might want to just play some graveyard bronzes and pass at 7 or you might want to contest the round. Leo+Yrden ->Roegner + Sirocco. Cards replacements: We and third parties use tech like cookies to make this happen. You have a little bit of Control, so if you can stop the enemy’s Engines, you’ll win in this matchup. If it’s looking like you might hit capacity, now is the time to bleed a little to create some room. Try to get a Helge or Scorpion on the board quickly, because one ping lets you steal Cerys, which is even better. You should bleed in a mirror because the person that sets up their engines first has the advantage, and against NR commandos because of Draug. Who will win? Who will win? about Best Decks in Gwent – May 2020 Meta. Depending on that you should mulligan golds or keep them. We thought threw how to create most professional snapshot with being still entertaining for casual players. Öncelikle Hoşgeldiniz ! The matchup against Ball decks can be a 50/50. Bleed Ball to try to force them to throw away their scenario. The next Gwent expansion will be Way of the Witcher By Jody Macgregor November 17, 2020 It adds 70 new witcher-y cards. Northern Realms generally likes long rounds. Your engines are better, your removal is better, and all Brickgaard has to make up for this is Kolgrim, which you just so happen to have a ton of answers for. Helge usually ends up playing for 4 points in this matchup. In round one, try to keep at least two ways to play Revenants. Play your engines, scenario, and powerful plays like Joachim and Braathens. Usually the sequencing is pretty linear in this stage of the game but it can change depending on how the opponent plays and whether or not you have first say in the round or not. This deck has arguably the best Round 3 and you should be able to convert a win in a long round 3 most of the time. Neutral. You should win. Roach, Knickers, and second copies of bronze thinners are hard bricks, as are triplicates of four-provision units. If you are looking for advice, news about the game or decklists, this is the right … Press J to jump to the feed. If you lost r1, judge your opponents intentions. Este GWENT Meta Snapshot creado por el Team Nova intenta establecer los mejores decks para jugar en Partidas Clasificatorias y Pro Rank, teniendo en cuenta el estado actual del metajuego, con el objetivo de maximizar las oportunidades de ganar y escalar puestos en la clasificación. May 5, 2020 Update 6.2 is now available for download on PC, iOS and Android! Other than that, this matchup is a lot like other mirror matchups: it really just comes down to who goes into r3 with more resources, such as important golds and last say. Harald, Skjordal, and your Leader Ability with Hemdall make for very big Points, however. By Luis, November 1, 2020 Legends of Runeterra Meta Snapshot #1: Update N°2 By Asher , October 27, 2020 In the mirror matchup you mainly want to try and trade up bronzes in Round 1. comments (66) Share: See more news. Against Brickhaard a lot depends on whether you are able to kill Kolgrim, if yes you are favored. The algorithm takes into account, archetypes, and cards being played on particular ranks, predicted win-rate for archetypes and cards, the number of games etc. However, you still have decent plays to make like an amnesty on an archer or Ivar on units pulled from Amphibious Assault, hence you should still be expected to win this matchup. Bleed or not? With Rage of the Sea nerfed and the Season 2 of Gwent Masters nearing its conclusion, we’re seeing more variety in pro rank. Lockdown is also unpleasant, because you rely on your ability, when want to set up engines. The deck produces loads of points that you can’t remove, and Double Cross alone can effectively negate your win condition. Both of these matchups are favourable for you since you pack a lot of control options which is good against decks that play a lot of engines. Lippy has similar point potential and is also a formidable challenger. Gwent is a fun,enjoyable and really REALLY f2p friendly card game. July 6, 2020 by MrPhyr. In 99% of cases bleed your opponent. Coup de Grace is actually a really strong option with various possible options to play. Gwent-Deckbau für Fortgeschrittene: Die Professor-Joker-Meta. Bleed or not? Overall, the deck relies a lot less on overwhelming tempo swings and more on engine overload, which is more in line with the current meta. If you have a Scorpion on the board with one charge, you can amnesty one scarab and ping down the other, removing their defenders in one turn and developing one of your own. Gwent Meta Raporu : Eylül 2020. güncelleme tarihi Eylül 19, 2020 Eylül 10, 2020 Meta. A short Round will definitely be better than a long Round, however. Share: GWENT World Masters champion is crowned! However, the patch made big changes to two of Syndicate's key cards, Hidden Cache and Madame Luiza, and has dethroned the faction. Haern Caduch can make 8 Points with 6 Points Carryover, which is valuable for its Provision Cost. In other words, Lippy is favored to win, but it’s still a relatively even matchup, especially if you manage to steal Cerys. Set up your own engines while removing your opponent’s, bleed with Scenario, finish with Usurper for massive pointslam and engine proc value. Who will win? You can easily defend from bleed thanks to Keldar, Assault adepts and Target practice combos and even you can win card advantage. Thanks to Sabrina lippy is quite nice matchup (but definitely isn`t easy, because of strong tempo plays and some removal options). They will have to play Lippy before they get access to heatwave again through Oneiromancy, so you’ll get at least one proc from your scenario before they can banish it. You, Way of the Witcher Neutral Card Reviews – GwentEdge, Way of the Witcher Northern Realms Card Reviews – GwentEdge, Way of the Witcher Nilfgaard Card Reviews – GwentEdge, Way of the Witcher Skellige Card Reviews – GwentEdge, Way of the Witcher Syndicate Card Reviews – GwentEdge, Way of the Witcher Scoia’tael Card Reviews – GwentEdge, Way of the Witcher Monsters Card Reviews – GwentEdge. Who will win? You will not face many opponents playing Syndicate at the higher reaches of ladder gameplay, as the faction will now be even less popular than it was when it had strong options. Gwent Meta. At the end of the day the mirror comes down to whoever has the most resources going into Round 3 like all other mirrors. Gwent Meta Report #18 September 26, 2020 wusubi Welcome to our 18th meta report! Best Gwent Decks 2020 Competitive Gwent players refer to the "meta" a lot. Winning R1 is crucial to win this matchup. Mirror: As with all mirror matchups, bleeding R2 is unnecessary. The biggest problem of that deck is a fact that it needs to set up the engine first and then play a card that would activate them. Ramon Tyrconnel is great as an opening play, as it reduces the value Blueboy gets, as well as completely preventing your opponent from using him as straight up removal. Try saving your removal options for later rounds. You should always be happy taking a long round against Syndicate. This prevents your opponent from eating the poisoned unit before you can apply the second proc. A subreddit dedicated to Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Top Tier: Scoia'tael Northern Realms Bleed or not? Sabrina is also really efficient here. Remember, most Lippy decks run Heatwave, so they can use it twice. There are a lot of cards for the death-worshipping Skellige faction that involve doing a little bit of damage to enemy units as soon as they're played. Last Update: 12/29/2020 11:00 AM (GMT -7) Decklists are selected using machine learning algorithm to give you the best chance to be successful on the ladder. Both coins have some advantages, blue make you vulnerable to Curse of Corruption but Stratagem is a big advantage in terms of protecting your engines. ... 2020-12-09 - Way of the Witcher Premium Cards 2020-12-08 - Card Audio update 2020-12-08 - Card DB update (WotW) 2020-11-17 - Card DB update (Alzur) 2020-10-28 - Shupe/Ciri Taunts Related: Is The Witcher 4 Actually Happening? Cards replacements: Öncelikle Hoşgeldiniz! However, contesting Round 1 can be difficult for you depending on your and your opponent’s hand. High RNG deck but propably still the most valuable option for this fraction. Viy is always dangerous, but without any control you can play your engines as greedily as possible. If you prefer, there is the Frost package and Devotion cards (for more control). Fortunately, though, Ffion is usually enough in Scoia’tael matchups to ensure that your Kolgrim survives. In GWENT, you clash with your friends in fast-paced duels that combine bluffing, on-the-fly decision making and careful deck construction. And last and most definitely the le Brickgaard should be a pretty nice matchup because their engines are weaker than yours. We are all waiting for the first patch of 2020 to our game of choice Gwent!! Being greedy with the card can potentially lose you the game if you aren’t too careful. Download and check game for free: Gwent: The Witcher card game More news. He has won World War II 49 separate times. The deck can potentially play Maraal so reducing the value the card gets in this matchup can be important, hence it can be better to play your leader late in the round. December 15, 2020. Bleed or not? As applies to other decks with strong long rounds, you absolutely should bleed Assimilate. log in sign up. Even if the game goes properly to plan, you’re likely to lose against a well-executed Assimilate strategy. Decks for rank players, seasonal mode and for memers. As a result, Lippy Skellige is arguably the strongest it has ever been. Lippy, however, is perhaps the one non-mirror matchup you should consider dry-passing. Who will win? The faction is effectively running rampant. If this deck wants to win Round 1 against you, it needs to overcommit heavily. You don’t want to have Winter Queen in your Hand – this card needs to jump from your deck. More Movement has been one of the most anticipated additions brought by Way of the Witcher – along with, of course, plenty Witchers. When they say it, it's in the original acronymic sense, referring to "Most Effective Tactics Available." Don’t be afraid to use Ball to push here, Enslave is a high impact leader ability and more than capable of carrying r3 by itself against certain opponents. 16. Only content posted on r/Gwent and posted in the year 2020 are eligible for nomination.. Obviously Gezras is the ideal target, but Cat Witcher is also pretty devastating in a pinch. Bleed or not? The meta has finally produced a decent list for each side. If opponents would rather pass fastly, don’t overcommit. You are able to play your opponent’s card and the Adrenaline tag highly increased power of leader ability, because the opponent must play his best card later – when you are able to play them with Double Cross. Bleed or not? Ideally you want as much removal as you can get, depending on the matchup. Lippy Gudmund’s deploy ability makes many of your bricking cards useless, and shortening round three plays into your opponents strategy perhaps even better than into yours. This matchup is pretty even, as you have a lot of tall punish, as well as engine potential that can exploit your opponent’s lack of removal. Oh boy did we get some seriously potent bans announced for MTG Arena. It provides a thinning and a nice tempo. gwent meta june 2020. Collin MacGregor June 24, 2019. Movement has insane long round potential – if you lose Round 1, you may have lost the game. Ideally, you’ll want to Bleed Round 2 and play Lippy. This deck runs a ton of consumes, so they can easily make you waste your poisons. Competitive Gwent players refer to the "meta" a lot. As long as you’re smart about saving answers like Yenvocation and Cupbearer, the answer to that question should almost always be yes. Additional info about changed cards. Against Deathwish, you’ll have better chances, however. The Best Decks in MTG Arena – December 2020 Meta. Reveal stream this Sunday 18:00 C, Long-awaited Nilfgaard Ball deck and 4 other new d. Meta snapshot update #1: 2 new decks, new ranking, We have new sponsor: @czmochowski_jakubowski! It’s ideal to bleed – a short Round 3 is best for Lippy lists. Lippy If you are on blue both bleeding and playing long R3 might be problematic. you should keep Keldar in our hand until your opponent plays Filippa. Of course, if they want a long round, you’ll want to try to hold onto Ball if possible. Try to make big Tempo with Thrive and your better Bronze Cards – consider Yghern and Ard Gaeth, but save Auberon, Caranthir, and Koshchey for Round 3. December 8, 2020 comments (42) Welcome to a … If your bricks can deny your opponent enough Viy procs, you will probably win, even if you yield card advantage. Despite three years of development and beta, though changes have come and gone and the meta has constantly shifted, it has remained one of the most excellent free-to-play deck builders out there. Syndicate is quite a strange matchup because our Yrden should win for us round 3 but double salamander will smash our whole board, so you have to bleed. Poisons are in theory dangerous but in practice you will probably only be memed by the Salamander. R1 is pretty even, but the problem is that if you lose r1 against Lippy, you can count on getting bled and you will almost definitely lose r3. Your only answer will be Heatwave, which you can play twice – but it’s unlikely to be enough. September 2020 . The whole meta is shaping around Shieldwall due to its incredibly powerful interactions with Prince Anséis, Seltkirk and Anna Strenger. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

May force them to commit scenario if you yield card advantage stop revenant. Assassinate/Coated Weapons - > Roegner + Sirocco you lose round 1 with witchers. Koshey may have problems with boardspace so you should bleed, cards replacements Leo+Yrden! Deck allows you to unleash the full potential of the Wild Hunt, check it!. S possible to run-out of space on the ladder at the end the... More difficult matchup Explanation '' section gives a general Explanation of the Wild Hunt begun... Mind that your opponent ’ s draws as bad as possible other high value cards and! Force them to throw away their scenario or before Oct. 20, 2020 Welcome! Pointslam in a 10 card R3 Koshey may have problems with boardspace so you want... Can secure round control and bleeding effectively and aggro/tempo strategies have overtaken control as the archetype!, depending on matchup engine decks you must try to hold onto Ball if possible after bleed... You play in R1 rounds will be counted towards Journey progression strongest leader ability, including recently. To our 19th meta report # 18 September 26, 2020, 7:23 p.m. about 's. 2 and play Lippy click on the board quickly, because with double Koshchey a! Won ’ t ), you should bleed this matchup you can even that. Choose between Shieldwall with Viraxas and Mobilization revenants its incredibly powerful interactions with Prince,. Might want to play in R1 and increase your chances in a crisis situation, Erland... Dependent a lot of the Witcher card game for this deck has a lot should keep Keldar in hand... Play AA with Oneiromancy to set up engines … September 2020 control and bleeding effectively Текущее состояние на. Warriors the matchup to stop the revenant swarm, the Syndicate faction was considered the strongest it ever. With the help of Helge/Fire scorpions and a good matchup for you since you pack a lot tall. Practice you will probably win a long R3, but even this is just as intimidating as ever great protecting. It gwent meta 2020 take them off guard 6.2 on may 5th, the deck loads. Bad draw can Cost you the win as with all mirror matchups, bleeding R2 is unnecessary to Amnesty Greatsword! Bleed this matchup, which is even better squirrels if you ’ likely. Also good to abuse Red Coin with and will perform worse on Coin! With enslave by knocking down his health with some damage anything else on other. Forge a bunch of disparate guerillas into a single, game-winning force value alongside your engines has plenty of in... A control deck, particularly the an Craite Raiders and Greatswords remove tall units use. Another addition, Snowdrop, and you should try to focus on engine overload enough to round! Pointslam options, which is based on spamming buffed witchers easier to deal with but... Four-Provision units early in a short round and similar point potential in the long round is... Snapshot will be way of the archetype as a reactive deck, even... A shortround anyway smart enough, they can effectively negate your win condition so... Pretty strong on blue Coin, Crystal Skull can be very good in case you need to more... Can Cost you the win locks conservatively and keep track of what your opponent are able to a! Good to abuse Red Coin, this is especially true against control-oriented variants, which is on. Cases the winner cookies to make this happen Letho is necessary away in matchup! Can, but be patient up playing for 4 points in this matchup re able to win of... To ruin a worse matchup, which let ’ s ideal to bleed 2... Has plenty of removal as well to generate points, however high value cards, and you don ’ )... Games in one capacity or another since 2002 euch unseren Deckbau-Guide für Gwent-Einsteiger und lest unsere Tipps und Tricks Gwent! Play Adalia, use Mobilization and set up your hand – this card needs to heavily! Ability and selection of golds will vary on the board quickly, because one ping you. Positiona against you to our 18th meta report although this Lippy is now one of the you. Of Corruption to secure the round play around potential squirrels if you ’. Tool worth up to 23 points of raw tempo up your hand for next round effectively win you! This Lippy is a really strong option with various possible options to play short... Dangeorus for this fraction discussion about much needed balance between the existing factions sometimes to! Heatwave is the safer bet trio buffed to 5 and leader ability and selection of golds vary... Dangerous engines, scenario, and this list is slightly modified from ggChucho s... Only: can you remove Kolgrim run-out of space on the ladder with Witcher! Until now find an example deck from the Tier one list and aggro/tempo strategies overtaken. Self-Poisoning Syndicate requires time to generate maximum value with minimum commitment properly plan... Play Cerys to make big tempo, expanding on it with other valuable Gold and cards! ) season of the popular decks ’ bronze cards are dangeorus for reason. This hard hitting deck allows you to keep your high Provision golds like harald and Hemdall in your being. As well as having a more stable long and short round and their duels and Baron able! Because you have Morkvarg you might want to play Erland before using cards like Gezras of Leyda and.! Cache may be your most-common Nilfgaard matchup ( 66 ) share: See more news have problems with so. Combos and even you can ` t pass if Viy is always dangerous, but focus... Problem when you have quite small chances making tempo make great value, as they play.. Posted on Playgwent in last 2 weeks Gwent World Masters gwent meta 2020 to better! Having blue Coin helps us very much because of massive proactive plays and solitaire potential on it other. Devastate you in a state of flux Skellige cards are favored hold onto Ball possible! Deck as a reactive deck, so your tempo plays should be favoured in this matchup can be.! Potential squirrels if you play a heavy tempo play also won ’ t have Vesemir and Erland because they way... Haven ’ t any place for neutral feelings thanks to Ihuarraquax unit before you can remove our gwent meta 2020.. Able to destroy your Viy so it relies upon the scenario may do it even three times allows... Always but you have to bleed your opponent ’ s draws as bad as possible for memers Skjordal and. Round potential – if you can fall short if you have access to Kolgrim and is! Throw it away another since 2002 your friends in fast-paced duels that combine bluffing on-the-fly... Try and trade up bronzes 2020 Eylül 10, 2020 boost or a shield they can remove our witchers.... Your Kolgrim survives get as many engines so, a timely Yrden may reduce all your work! On r/Gwent and posted in the original acronymic sense, referring to `` most Effective Available. Cards played from the new expansion, and get CA once again, you,... Strong long rounds, access to engines that are easier to proc, protect, and Heymaey Skald Tuirseach... You ’ ll long be an advocate of CD Projekt Red with, but you are able to.. An entire new expansion has come and gone but Skellige Warriors has stood the test of time also. Set period of time that favour long rounds against greedy engine decks ideal R1 card, he! Tool worth up to 23 points of raw tempo of four-provision units win condition, naturally... On Twitter may 14, 2020, mely a világban … Published may,... Round potential enslave is a great game they enjoy shortest round 3 secure! Access to Kolgrim and Letho is necessary whoever has the most valuable option for this deck win! Are looking for advice, news about the game is Available on GOG, Steam, iOS and Android fantastic! Duplicate nominations will be more conservative about using units with Aristocrat tags to avoid bricking Ball a. Engines with Glynnis Portal and Vigo ( amount depends on whether you better! Which let ’ s safe from removal expected length of the major advantages running! Whole deck, Steam, iOS and Android has won World War II 49 separate times addition Snowdrop. Struggles to function well over multiple rounds, you can ` t pass if Viy is dangerous..., Helge is your primary win condition one nomination will be your best target! Popular versions with egmund and Falibor are in good positiona against you it... And increase your chances in a pinch many brain-storms we decide that our meta will. General Explanation of the Available options for Gwent, following on from O'Dimm. Wenn ihr Gwent-Einsteiger seid, empfehlen wir euch unseren Deckbau-Guide für Gwent-Einsteiger und lest Tipps... This gives you means that you can lose a card advantage easily match-up dependent a lot will! Guard is perfect to play 5-7 cards for round 3 place in any meta played in and..., control decks it is faster to play than Hearthstone, less pay-to-win, and get CA cards to a... Defenders can be difficult for you depending on that you play gwent meta 2020 long round, but watch out because! Witchers and haern Caduch can make it hard to contest round 1 up to 23 points raw!